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The Mississippi Association of Coaches is a membership organization serving the needs of athletic coaches throughout the state of Mississippi. We represent a variety of coaching specialties including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, volleyball, cheer, archery, dance, swimming, bowling, track, cross country, powerlifting, and tennis.

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FreeRecruitingWebinar.org is a free educational service operated by the Recruiting Education Foundation, Inc.

MAC Takes Steps to Assist Families with Recruiting Education

As athletic administrators and coaches, we all understand the pressures the recruiting process can create. We are also aware of a growing industry commonly referred to as recruiting services. While some of these services provide useful information, the overwhelming vast majority of them are looking to capitalize financially on our families weakness....the promise of receiving an athletic scholarship.

And that is one of the reasons the Mississippi Association of Coaches (MAC) is proud to provide a new nonprofit service designed to assist families in being properly educated about the athletic collegiate recruiting process.

The FREE recruiting webinar, found on our Home Page, addresses these and other recruiting topics:

We highly recommend you make your families aware of this no cost service. The MAC feels it will go a long way in better serving our athletic community.